Different Perspectives

27 February 2008 0 By Viv McWaters

On his site about goal-free living Steve Shapiro suggests that ‘expertise is the enemy of creativity – the more you know about a topic, the more difficult it is to look at it with fresh eyes’.

This is one of the reasons I like to try new things – things I have no idea about (apart from the fact that I have the attention span of a gnat and get bored doing the same thing – what’s the opposite of obsessive, I wonder…erratic? OK – I’ll get back to the point now.)

It would be presumptious of me to say this was an intended strategy – more like serendipity, or a pattern I guess, evident by looking back over the ways I’ve done things. It’s how I discovered Playback Theatre and then the Applied Improv Group – a rich, rich source of inspiration, ideas and great people to be with.

TED talks are also great – picking one at random. And so are blogs. And so are some conferences.

And I’m looking for new perspectives on facilitation. Different ways of seeing and knowing. Any ideas?