Conferences worth attending

25 May 2008 0 By Viv McWaters

Thanks to Seth Godin for this post about what makes conferences and meetings worth attending.

And so I can add another element to what a (good) facilitator adds to a meeting. Surprise! I was also re-reading Les Posen’s post about presentation skills. The one where he talks about taking the audience from ‘Huh?’ to ‘Ah-ha!’. Facilitators can do that too.

And Garr Reynolds of Presentation Zen is on the same tack. If you have to present soon – at a meeting, a conference, wherever – spend some time at Presentation Zen and DO WHAT HE SAYS! Please! I’m becoming increasingly impatient with intelligent people with great messages burying them in dense powerpoint slides and remaining COMPLETELY OBLIVIOUS to the reaction of their audience.