Category: Creativity

Life’s retrospective

7 April 2008 0

Today we visited the Sidney Nolan exhibition at the Potter Gallery in Melbourne. While looking at this great artist’s work across a lifetime and seeing, as one does in a retrospective, the changes, developments and influences manifest in his art, I reflected what a gift this is. And wondered if it’s possible for us mere…

By Viv McWaters

Conversations that Create

18 March 2008 0

This is really exciting! Last year I attended the Applied Improv Conference which was hosted by the Banff Leadership Centre, and took part in a pre-conference workshop delivered by Colin Funk and others of the Banff Leadership Lab. It was sensational and the major influence for me to focus more on the role of creativity.…

By Viv McWaters

Improv for Small Business

15 March 2008 0

At a small business networking meeting I introduced the principles of improv theatre. It became clear to me that improv, and other creativity activities, enables us to make the subconscious conscious. Here are the key points from the workshop: • Successful businesses are agile and creative • Improvising means combining your existing skills and knowledge…

By Viv McWaters

Changing habits

12 March 2008 0

Sir Ken Robinson in this podcast – that ranges from the role of education and creativity, weddings in Las Vegas and creativity with the Singapore Government to what it’s like to be knighted – says that ‘habit is the enemy of creativity’.Here’s the relevant quote from the podcast: Okay, well if you want to boil…

By Viv McWaters