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Sustainable is Attainable

11 August 2010 1

In May, I was involved in a conference called Show Me The Change – all about sustainability, evaluation, behaviour change and complexity. There were lots of expectations regarding the conference and its outcomes. But here’s one that was probably unexpected. It was a conference about sustainability, so we concluded that the conference itself should be…

By Viv McWaters

A simple solution to a complex problem?

18 May 2010 3

Southern Australia, and especially where I live, is particularly bush fire prone. Bush fires start often from lightening strikes. Not much you can do about that except be prepared. In February 2009, the weather gods conspired to create conditions that we now describe as catastrophic – extremely hot and windy, nearly non-existent humidity. It was…

By Viv McWaters

Time well spent

21 November 2009 0

Here’s some images from my recent trip to the US. I was there on holidays, and to attend the Applied Improv Conference in Portland, Oregon. The highlights were the scenery, autumn colours, fresh snow, Yosemite (wow!), indulging my passion for photography, sharing the improv conference with my good friends Anne Pattillo, Geoff Brown and Chris…

By Viv McWaters


12 August 2009 0

It looks like spring around here. The swallows are back and are renovating last year’s nest. The honeyeaters are collecting dog hair and spider web for their nests. Whales are on the move. And the humans come out of hiding from our short winter and start walking on the beach, along the cliff tops –…

By Viv McWaters