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Shaking up the way we do conferences

1 June 2010 0

The brief seemed fairly straightforward: design and facilitate a conference on evaluation of behaviour change. Oh, and make it different, groundbreaking even…unlike all the other conferences around. And could we also explore complexity? And could it be self-catered, by students? Could it be the sort of conference people talk about it the future? Not so…

By Viv McWaters

What makes a successful conference?

18 March 2010 0

Regular readers will known that I’m involved in a national conference on evaluation of behaviour change called Show Me The Change. I’m excited about this conference for many reasons, but evaluation and behaviour change are not high up there. What? I’ve been known to dabble in evaluation. I’ve even been known to dabble in behaviour…

By Viv McWaters

New Year links

3 January 2009 1

Lake Superior University Banished Words List 2009  Web tools for qualitative data analysis from Michael Wesch at Kansas State University 2008 The Year in Review from the folk at JibJab Wise words indeed from Doug Les Posen on 2009 being the year when presenting well comes of age. I hope he’s right! A short video that…

By Viv McWaters

Sharing evaluation data

19 November 2008 1

Regular readers will know that I attended this year’s Applied Improv Network (AIN) conference in Chicago in October. Using SurveyMonkey we asked participants to respond to a feedback survey so as we could continue to improve on previous conferences. After all, that’s why you get feedback, isn’t it? Today I spent the morning analysing the…

By Viv McWaters