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Words that drive me nuts

5 November 2015 0

Language, such an interesting topic. I’ve always been keen on plain English – or plain language, if you like. Solid words like nouns and verbs, without the added distractions of adjectives. A travel brochure landed in my letterbox this week and here’s why this particular company is “the only way to travel”. (Really?) A professionally…

By Viv McWaters

Language, please!

4 February 2015 0

It’s not what you’re thinking. I have no problem with bad language, swearing, cussing. Fuck no. My friend Kay Scorah wrote a brilliant piece recently about all those words you probably shouldn’t be using. As they say, be warned, strong language – and now go read it. I’ll wait. Johnnie Moore found this gem too on…

By Viv McWaters

The meaning of words

3 December 2014 0

Musing over the meaning of these words – play, playfulness, game, activity, ice-breaker and warm-up – I invited others to share their understanding. Even with a sample size of 14 responses*, there’s some interesting insights regarding word meanings and the use of language when facilitating. here’s what i discovered. Some people gave meanings for each word, others…

By Viv McWaters

Language matters

24 September 2014 0

It matters more than you think. The language we use reveals a lot. The language I use as a facilitator reveals a lot about me (so much so that Sascha Rixon did a whole PhD on facilitation language) and the language you use can be like an open door, welcoming me into your world, or…

By Viv McWaters

Voices in groups

28 March 2011 2

Body language gets a lot of press when exploring group dynamics. Voice not so much. Here’s a few random thoughts and observations about different ways we use our voice in groups, based on what I do and observations in groups. Phatic communication: verbal ‘stroking’ (aka small talk) to establish a rudimentary relationship with strangers before…

By Viv McWaters

Yes! No! Maybe!

17 August 2009 0

In some cultures, yes means yes, and no means no. Elsewhere yes is the answer to everything. And sometimes yes means no, and no means yes. Or maybe. And other times, it depends – on who answers first, what the question is, or even who asks it. This creates a few dilemmas for facilitators. And…

By Viv McWaters