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Open Space on Open Space, Melbourne Dec 10

11 November 2015 0

I’ve just completed two days facilitating open space. And I’m exhausted. Why is facilitating open space – a process where it looks like the facilitator is doing not very much at all – so exhausting? If you’re interested in this question and others about open space come along to our Open Space on Open Space…

By Viv McWaters

Doing even less

4 October 2010 0

At this year’s Applied Improvisation Network Conference in Amsterdam, I was again invited to open space (dubbed the long-form improvisational form called ‘The Harrison’ by Chris Corrigan) on the final day, providing an opportunity for the 150 or so people there to share their gifts, ask the questions that were still bugging them and generally…

By Viv McWaters

Improvising writing

18 July 2010 0

I’ve never been afraid of writing. It’s my preferred form of expression. And, mostly, I enjoy it. I do think I’m afraid of committed writing though. You know, the sort of writing that ends up being something: a book, a play, a script, a thesis. So I’m always interested in ways to trick myself into…

By Viv McWaters