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Shaking up the way we do conferences

1 June 2010 0

The brief seemed fairly straightforward: design and facilitate a conference on evaluation of behaviour change. Oh, and make it different, groundbreaking even…unlike all the other conferences around. And could we also explore complexity? And could it be self-catered, by students? Could it be the sort of conference people talk about it the future? Not so…

By Viv McWaters

A more satisfying way of working

14 May 2010 2

We’d just finished working together face-to-face for a week. We gathered in one of our apartments, too tired to venture out for dinner. We opened a bottle of wine, a few beers to celebrate and ordered pizza. Someone suggested a song. Two guitars, a group of friends – singing, laughing, improvising. What were we celebrating?…

By Viv McWaters