Show Up. Let Go. Jump In.

This is what I do and it’s what I encourage others to do too. The first step is to Show Up – that’s usually the easiest bit. Then Let Go – of expectations, of old habits of thinking and acting, of worn-out stories we tell ourselves about what we can and can’t do, or why something will or won’t work. And then Jump In – to new experiences and ideas, to different ways of thinking and being.

What are you looking for?

  • A facilitator to design and facilitate engaging meetings and workshops
  • A conference designer to give your annual conference a makeover so that you can take advantage of having people physically in the room
  • A trainer to help your staff to develop their facilitation, communication and leadership skills by designing training and workshops that are specific to their needs
  • A speaker who can explore serious issues playfully and in an engaging way
  • A connector who can put you in touch with other professionals

My approach

All work starts with a conversation, so I will talk with you and others in your business to find out how I can best contribute my skills to complement yours. I’ll design a workshop, event or training that suits your needs, and is specific for your group and situation. When I’m in the room with people, I will respond to what is happening and improvise if necessary, drawing on a huge range of activities and processes I have learnt and used over the past 20 years. I will make sure people move around and explore topics from different perspectives. I will help people have conversations, build relationships and explore meaningful transactions.  I will disrupt entrenched patterns of thinking and acting so as you can return to your business with fresh  ideas and insights, and I will stay connected so as we can continue the conversation, and the learning, beyond the workshop or event. If the task is big I will suggest others who can work with me to deliver what you need.

What others say

Viv totally engaged everyone in the room for the whole session.  We had fun but dealt with some deep personal beliefs and behaviour issues along the way.  Would love to do more training with her. Viv brings the improv concept down to the “anybody can do it” level and is masterful at getting everyone involved and participating. – Feedback from a workshop at the Australasian Training and Development Conference

Viv is really a good facilitator and what I appreciate about her more is that she is openly sharing her skills. I know we’re paying her for the engagement but I saw the heart that went with what she shared. I actually had the opportunity to be one of the participants in a Facilitator’s Training last year and what’s burning inside me is to conduct a Facilitator’s Training here in our office, too, using what I learned from her. This way, I can also give back to my organisation what it has invested in me. – A participant in facilitation training from the Philippines

Viv’s methods not only catered to different learning styles in a very complex multi-cultural setting but also delivered tangible results. She was quick to improvise her techniques to suit the non-linear reality of group dynamics. She kept pulling new tricks out of her hat that catered to both style and substance. – Regional Director of a global development agency

What I’m looking for

  • Can I make a real contribution? Is there a need for my skills? Will I make a difference?
  • Will it stretch me? Is it edgy? Will it contribute to my continued learning?
  • Is there an opportunity to build capacity, and transfer my skills, knowledge and enthusiasm to others?
  • Will it enable me to make money and provide for the future?
  • Is there an opportunity to travel to new or interesting places?
  • Will I be with cool people, especially friends? Will I potentially make new friends, and build existing relationships?
  • Will I have fun?
  • Am I excited by the prospect?



  • Roxana Oana says:

    Hi Viv,

    Thank you so much for accepting the invitation of World Vision Bangladesh to help us improve our facilitation skills. During your sessions the participants are captivated by the continuous transfer of energy and ideas, inspired by your creativity, playfulness and the way you engage the participants in deep reflection on things that through traditional methods and techniques would be hard to identify, learn or talk about. You have an amazing gift to transform and inspire people who participate in your workshops and through them, to reach many others who did have not the chance to meet you. Thank you for being with our team for Facilitating with Confidence.

  • Liz Dorsett says:

    Dear Viv, I remember the extraordinary workshops in Warragul several years ago when you included people of all abilities in your workshops and support staff refused to go home. We were more energised after a full day & night with you than when we woke up and got going in the morning. I can not explain how energised we felt after working with you. I would like another opportunity to work with you, Liz

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