Learning is not something that happens separately from work – it is work. Building people’s capacities to enhance their own leaning is the new edge in training. It’s no longer just about learning specific techniques and processes that will be outdated before you know it, it’s about knowing where and how to continually learn, on the job, taking advantage of those everyday experiences that incrementally builds skills, knowledge, know-how and the capacity to respond when times are tough or when everything changes.

Contact me if you would like to talk about a tailored program to meet your specific needs – to enhance communication, teamwork, leadership, agility and engagement.

Insanely Great Slideshow Presentations
Life is too short to sit through bad presentations. Make sure you’re not guilty .

Facilitating With Confidence
The ability  to design and lead engaging and effective meetings, make the best use of people and resources, and engage with clients and stakeholders.

Participatory Evaluation
Evaluation, when it’s part of a program, needs to be an ongoing process. Learn how to incorporate participatory evaluation into everyday activities.

Open Space Technology
Open Space Technology is a meeting process, and a way of navigating the complexity we face every day. An understanding of the technique and the philosophy that underpins it provides an ideal adjunct to other workplace skills and approaches.














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