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26 August 2009 0 By Viv McWaters

Performance Reviews

I’d  had a discussion with a friend earlier this week about performance reviews. I haven’t heard many good comments about them. And luckily I don’t have to partake – my performance is reviewed, well, every time I perform! Alex Kjerulf posted this update on Facebook today:

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The link he refers to – why performance reviews are a waste of time –  is well worth a look.

Also from Alex, this Dilbert cartoon

Visual, back-of-the-napkin explanation

Dan Roam, author of Back of the Napkin has created this explanation of the US health care system. As well as being informative, it’s a good example of visual story telling of a complicated issue.

More about the US health care system and town hall meetings

Chris Corrigan writes about what we can learn from disrupted meetings and about ‘chaordic confidence’