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Tyranny of the Explicit

31 March 2010 0

What happens when there’s a great conversation going, ideas are sparking off each other, people are energised and excited and then someone says, “we should capture this”? Or when creativity or innovation has to be expressed as a number, you know, ROI? Or when our ideas need to conform to someone else’s model? And how…

By Viv McWaters

The tyranny of excellence

3 March 2010 1

Johnnie Moore and I recorded a podcast with David Robinson – artist, improvisor, theatre director, coach and diversity consultant – about the tyranny of excellence, or as David likes to describe it: putting down your clever and picking up your ordinary. Read some background and a run-down here. Download the podcast here. (25m, 23.5 MB)

By Viv McWaters


21 January 2010 2

Two things I’ve been neglecting lately – listening to podcasts and exercising. Lucky for me they’re not incompatible. So today, as I was becoming reacquainted with bikes, treadmills, pulleys and weights, I also turned to my trusty iPod, crammed full of music and podcasts. I had to turn it up really loud so as I…

By Viv McWaters

Wanna eavesdrop?

27 February 2009 1

Johnnie Moore,¬†fellow facilitator and improv buddy, and I found some time last night to chat about facilitation in relation to a whole lot of local and world events. Interestingly, our experiences are remarkably similar even though we’re operating from different sides of the globe. We talked about the GFC (Global Facilitation Crisis or Geelong Football…

By Viv McWaters